Good food & wine show comes to town

REBECCA BATS The Good Food and Wine Show starts in Brisbane this weekend. Boasting over  200 exhibitors from both local and international businesses, the show aims to showcase a diverse range of food and beverages. Food blogger, Brooke … [Read more...]

Brisbane man charged for possession of dangerous drugs

REBECCA BATS An Annerley man has plead guilty to two counts of possession of dangerous drugs after appearing in Brisbane District court. Robert Beaton, 65, has been sentenced to 7 months imprisonment with immediate parole. The court heard … [Read more...]

Will millennials be able to afford the Australian dream?

REBECCA BATS The 2016 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics (HILDA) in Australia Survey found soon half of Australian adults won't own their own home. The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research conducts an annual survey … [Read more...]

Building a bridge between refugees and Australia through art

REBECCA BATS Once abundant towns, now stand deserted with the sound of  gunfire in nearby mountains which disturb your sleep. Your pillow is wet from the tears you cry not knowing where your family members are. A far too familiar story known to … [Read more...]

Haven helps youth homelessness

REBECCA BATS The 2011 ABS Census shows 18 years of age and younger makes 27% of all homeless people in Australia. Homelessness can be attributed to many reasons, the most common being, housing crisis, domestic and family violence or … [Read more...]

Queensland Health smiles at life changing dental procedure

REBECCA BATS It is often considered a chore for most people to visit the dentist. Some are scared of the procedure and others of the price tag. But for South-African born Australian Carla Schesser, it’s the opposite. Carla's toothy tale starts in … [Read more...]

Will Australian-owned GoCatch win Taxi v Uber war?

REBECCA BATS The Australian owned booking app offers customers the option to book a taxi or a rideshare on their phone with the ridesharing option being similar to the concept of Uber. The app is set to rival Uber, Lyft and Backseat, with … [Read more...]

Study advocates benefits of exercise outside of the gym

REBECCA BATS The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation for reducing the risk of common diseases by exercising is five times less than what it should be according to a recent Australian study. The study is part of the Global Burden of … [Read more...]

Protestors Rally for Reinstatement of Restricted Land Clearing Act

REBECCA BATS Protestors rallied outside Brisbane Parliament House today, calling on the Liberal government to reinstate Labor’s restricted land clearing for farming act. Queensland Conservation Council coordinator Dr Tim Seelig says that tree … [Read more...]

Rebecca Bats

Rebecca Bats is a freelance journalist, currently writing for The Source News whose main interests include politics and foreign affairs, environmental issues and popular culture. Rebecca was drawn to the industry by the exciting prospect of having a … [Read more...]