Controversy sparked over pre-game Haka

RANUI HARMER Calls to ban New Zealand’s Haka before sporting games have emerged after a fiery clash in the final between Australia and New Zealand’s under-20s. Rugby league heads have criticised Australia’s “disrespectful” response to the … [Read more...]

Calls to remove alcohol bans in Indigenous communities

RANUI HARMER Alcohol bans in Queensland’s Indigenous communities are being reviewed after appeals were made to have them lifted. It has been 12 years since the former Labor government established alcohol restrictions in 19 communities … [Read more...]

Council gives Birkdale dump $278k for upgrade

RANUI HARMER Redland City Council announced they allocated $278,000 in this year’s RedWaste budget to add an extra lane near the Birkdale dump. The new road will allow cars with only green waste to bypass the weighbridge at peak hours to … [Read more...]

Johnathan Thurston ruled out of Four Nations competition

RANUI HARMER Playmaker Johnathan Thurston has been ruled out of Australia's Four Nations campaign with a shoulder injury, giving Roosters star Mitchell Pearce a chance to wear the number six jersey. The Cowboys captain joins a long list of … [Read more...]

Queensland left behind as daylight saving returns

RANUI HARMER A Facebook group lobbying for daylight saving to be brought to Queensland currently has more than 10,000 likes. The Sunshine Coast Daily’s poll shows 72% of voters are prepared to embrace the time change in acknowledgement that … [Read more...]

Redlands MP backed funding for Russell Island bridge

RANUI HARMER Russell Island has come into discussion several times in the last few weeks with numerous changes to the island underway. Redlands MP Peter Dowling expressed his support for the construction of a bridge and now Bowman MP Andrew … [Read more...]

Brisbane residents pay to party in the park

RANUI HARMER The Brisbane City Council are considering plans to regulate social gatherings in parks and bushland reserves in order to police outdoor events. If plans go ahead, from November 2014 the Council will combine local laws relating … [Read more...]

Gyms transforming your body and bank balance

RANUI HARMER Health experts warn that time-framed exercise and nutrition challenges are a scam and can often deliberately set a participant up to fail. Transformation challenges have quickly become the latest trend amongst men and women … [Read more...]

Bridge brings battle to the islands

RANUI HARMER When you think of island living you think of an idyllic, peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle of Australia’s mainland; this is known as the 'Island Dream'. The reality of that lifestyle however is expensive travel, limited … [Read more...]

Oates to keep Broncos’ season alive

RANUI HARMER Teenager Corey Oates was called on to replace a suspended Sam Thaiday in the Broncos make or break game this Friday night. The Broncos have managed to survive the last two weeks with wins over the Dragons and the Knights, … [Read more...]