Commonwealth Bank raises standard home loan interest rate

RACHAEL HERRAMAN The Commonwealth Bank announced a rise on their Standard Variable Rate (SVR) by 15 basis points today, just one week after Westpac announced an interest rate rise. Like Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank is blaming the rise on … [Read more...]

Canada’s new Prime Minister or Model?

RACHAEL HERRAMAN Justin Trudeau is prime minister-designate of Canada bringing former Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper’s 9-year reign to a close, but it's his good looks attracting all the attention. The handsome 43 year old, and … [Read more...]

Palaszczuk announces $40 million business development fund

RACHAEL HERRAMAN Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a $40 million incentive fund set to help boost new businesses at the State of the State luncheon in Brisbane yesterday. The Advance Queensland Development fund is expected … [Read more...]

Australia’s financial failures

RACHAEL HERRAMAN Since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2007, the finance world has been facing numerous ethical and integrity issues especially in regards to trust and security. Speaking during the Global banking and financial … [Read more...]

Queensland sugar industry left disappointed by TPP

RACHAEL HERRAMAN Queensland sugar growers are disappointed in the export outcomes of the Trans Pacific Partnership, with the increase in sugar exports to the United States falling well short of industry expectations. Expectations of an … [Read more...]

Australia home to the longest continental volcanic chain

RACHAEL HERRAMAN The world’s longest continental volcanic chain has been discovered along the eastern coast of Australia. Named the "Cosgrove track", the chain stretches 2000 kilometres from Cosgrove in Victoria, up through central New South … [Read more...]

Too much junk

RACHAEL HERRAMAN A recent healthy diet score survey conducted by the CSIRO has confirmed that Australians are eating three times more than the recommended daily intake of junk food, and not enough fruit. More than 40,000 Australians … [Read more...]

Shopping centre throws exclusive party

RACHAEL HERRAMAN Brisbane’s Wintergarden shopping complex went VIP on Tuesday night for the Lust List Party, allowing entrants to receive an array of free perks and huge discounts. VIPs received 25 per cent discounts in particular stores, … [Read more...]

Beauties battle it out

 RACHAEL HERRAMAN   It’s that time of year again when girls from all over Australia put on their ball gowns and battle it out for the Miss World Australia crown. Crown Perth will play host to the national final, which is set to be held … [Read more...]

A warning for the younger generation

RACHAEL HERRAMAN   A recent study by the foundation of young Australians, the new work order, has found that many existing jobs and careers currently available in Australia are at risk of automation in the next 10-15 years which will … [Read more...]