Journey of a refugee

LUJAYN HAWARI There are 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. 21.3 million are refugees. That's 21.3 million people who don't have a home, or a country to live in because they are escaping war and persecution. Their … [Read more...]

Study shows increased number of children living in poverty

LUJAYN HAWARI The number of children living below the poverty line has increased in the past decade, according to research by the University of New South Wales' Social Policy Research Centre. According to The 2016 Poverty Report, 17.4% or … [Read more...]

African cuisine helping refugees settle into Australia

LUJAYN HAWARI   A Brisbane-based restaurant specialising in Northeast African cuisine, helps refugees settle into Australia by providing them with work experience, training, and an opportunity to learn English. I speak to … [Read more...]

Increasing number of Australians taking their lives, statistics show

LUJAYN HAWARI A new statistical analysis shows the number of Australians taking their lives is increasing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) releases information every year on causes of death in Australia and the most recent … [Read more...]

Tales of an Epicurious Garden

LUJAYN HAWARI   Southbank has a variety of attractions for men, women, children and the elderly to enjoy. Among them is the organic Epicurious garden, run by volunteers. The garden is located by the Brisbane River and is open to the … [Read more...]

Lower survival rates in remote QLD cancer patients

LUJAYN HAWARI A study into breast and bowel cancer survival rates show a decrease in survival rates in remote Queensland. Joint research performed by the Cancer Council and Queensland University of Technology between 2001 and 2011 examined … [Read more...]

World’s first solar electric commercial car to be made in Brisbane

LUJAYN HAWARI   The world's first commercial, road registered, custom-made Australian solar electric car will be built in Brisbane. Clenergy Team Arrow, one of Australia's most successful solar racing teams hope to have a … [Read more...]

World’s first sustainable town

LUJAYN HAWARI The world's first environmentally sustainable town, Kalu Yala, is being built in the Republic of Panama. Located in the Tres Brazos Valley outside of Panama City and only 45 minutes from Panama's International Airport, the … [Read more...]

Sakina Initiative for Domestic Violence

LUJAYN HAWARI Advocacy, empowerment, and independence. The motto to an initiative that helps female victims of domestic violence in Queensland. Sakina is an NGO network of professionals and community action teams countering domestic violence … [Read more...]

Bigger cup sizes feel definite lack of support

LUJAYN HAWARI Despite the American slogan "bigger is better", women with large breasts either cannot find their bra size or claim bras are too expensive for them. In the last two decades, women's breast sizes have increased two full … [Read more...]