Alternatives in Breast Cancer Research

NAKITA RONTO Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst women in Australia. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime and seven women die from it … [Read more...]

A Green Economy is better for the future

NAKITA RONTO Green economist and Founder-CEO of GIST advisory, Pavan Sukhdev believes advertising shapes society to be and act in certain ways. At the 2015 Global Integrity Summit, Mr Sukhdev said advertising is bias and creates … [Read more...]

Privacy encrypted by today’s technologies

NAKITA RONTO The Global Integrity Summit 2015 proved to be very insightful in world issues, one being technology in today’s society. Internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier, left guests and members of his seminar with a … [Read more...]

Global Integrity Summit 2015: Day One

NAKITA RONTO Following the success of the first day of the Global Integrity Summit 2015, guests and attendees are looking forward to day two of the summit. With a diverse range of people attending the summit there has been a focus on global … [Read more...]

Residential Care Homes doing little about child abuse

  NAKITA RONTO  According to the Commission for Children and Young People's annual report, there has been 189 alleged incidents of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children. 18 per cent of children in residential care homes … [Read more...]

Greyhound rehoming efforts “insufficient” to deal with dumped dogs

NAKITA RONTO Animal welfare groups have called for greater communication between the greyhound racing industry and rehoming organisations. Twenty thousand greyhounds are bred each year by the racing industry, with eighteen thousand dogs … [Read more...]

Skippers celebrate 30 year’s of support for Heart Foundation

NAKITA RONTO The Mt Cotton Hoppers are celebrating 30 years fundraising for the Heart Foundation by performing skipping routines at South East Queensland schools. Coach and former team member Taryn Hodgson said she enjoys seeing the … [Read more...]

Brisbane Roar opponents battle for a place in the all-stars team

NAKITA RONTO Footballers across Queensland are hoping to be picked as part of an all-stars team to play against the Brisbane Roar on September 19th. Being picked as part of this team will be a step in the right direction for passionate … [Read more...]

Katy Faust against gay marriage – but why?

NAKITA RONTO Traditional marriage advocate Katy Faust wants to put a stop to the legislation of gay matrimony. Raised by her lesbian mother and partner, Faust now has a blog site called askthebigot, which strongly opposes gay … [Read more...]

New tomato pill projected to help heart problems

NAKITA RONTO A natural supplement called Ateronon has been used for prostate and eye problems but is now being used to improve cardiovascular health. Pharmacist Elaine Wong said the active ingredient in this pill is not new but they are putting … [Read more...]