OPNION: Hide and seek: a dark moment in Australian history

THE JUDGE Nauru and Manus Island: What the hell have we done? It’s true we don’t want a border policy that invites individuals to make the perilous journey to Australia via an illegal method. It has been well documented by the Australian … [Read more...]

Indigenous female offenders are often victims first

ANNA J. JAMES   Could a solution to Indigenous female offending be through viewing them as victims? Accounting for more than a third of inmates in female gaols, Indigenous women are the fastest growing prison demographic in … [Read more...]

Documentary: Refugee Restaurant

ANNA J. JAMES   In 2015, Australia resettled 9,399 refugees. Studies show that over a quarter of these refugees suffer from a mental illness within 12 months of resettlement. This documentary is the first report in the Spotlight … [Read more...]

Is academic doping wrong?

ANNA J. JAMES Coca-Cola, Gatorade and coffee are stimulants that students imbibe to study longer and harder. Then why are study drugs taboo? 'Academic doping', the practise of misusing prescription drugs to achieve a stimulant effect conducive to … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Starbucks frequent sipper

ANNA J. JAMES Over the past six months, I’ve spent $221.00 at Starbucks. That’s in addition to making coffee on my espresso machine at home, buying the odd convenience store dollar coffee, or syphoning my roommate’s instant, and of course, when … [Read more...]

Refugee Restaurant

  ANNA J. JAMES The first part of our Spotlight on Refugees and Mental Health series is Refugee Restaurant, a 10-minute documentary filmed in Brisbane. Refugee Restaurant visits Mu'ooz in West End, a social enterprise and restaurant … [Read more...]

Are homes the solution to homelessness

ANNA J. JAMES It’s a solution so obvious that it just might work: providing homes to the homeless. Earlier this month, Brisbane community service, West End-based Micah Projects launched the Housing First Roadmap, a homelessness model that lists … [Read more...]

Byron Bay’s Hollywood pricing out locals

ANNA J. JAMES Byron Bay is home to some of Hollywood’s elite: Simon Baker, Olivia Newton-John, and Jack Johnson all own property in the northern New South Wales town. In 2014, Thor star Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky purchased a secluded … [Read more...]

Domestic abuse turns new ‘social’ chapter

ANNA J. JAMES A new domestic violence guidebook helps lawmakers recognise emotional abuse. On August 18, Attorney-General, George Brandis launched the National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book, a ‘best practice’ guide for domestic … [Read more...]

Spornosexuals balancing aesthetics and academics

ANNA J. JAMES   Gyms have become modern-day water coolers, a place where young men converge in an unstable world. 23-year-old Bodie Sorensen works on his “ideal body” for four hours a day at the gym, counting calories and … [Read more...]