Studies show sleep can aid cleansing waste from brain

MATT HARDIE Research has found that sleep naturally cleanses the brain of the daily-accumulated waste that contributes to neurological diseases and disorders. The study was conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center and … [Read more...]

New exemptions in Queensland helmet laws said to be a back-pedal in safety

MATT HARDIE Wherever cycling is present, there is frequent debate over when and where riders feel it necessary to wear a helmet. Whether it is riding for leisure, competition or transport, some see the use of a helmet as basic safety or legal … [Read more...]

Omega-3 identifies more health benefits

MATT HARDIE Among its already numerous health benefits a new study has indicated that Omega-3 fish oil may ward off alcohol related dementia in abusers. The Loyola University Chicago School of Medicine conducted the research giving rats the fish … [Read more...]

Brisbane musicians said to expect adversity

MATT HARDIE Aspiring musicians looking to perform regularly on the Brisbane stage are now facing challenges to gain exposure. Advice from experienced musicians has assisted up-and-comers to better understand the struggles which surround the … [Read more...]

Don’t be restless, just stress less

MATT HARDIE Whether it is a small business owner, a casual employee or a student, moments of stress or anxiety are an unwelcome occurrence in day-to-day life. Establishing ways to manage and eliminate stress can help your performance in the … [Read more...]

Show me your license for that smoke, mate

MATT HARDIE A recent article issued by The Medical Journal of Australia has debated whether smokers should be issued with a 'smart-card license' to purchase tobacco products. This idea has come as a pre-emptive tactic to hinder the sale of … [Read more...]

Prevention is better than a cure for Brisbane’s nightclub patrons

  MATT HARDIE Night safety has been an ongoing concern for years and exposure to support organisations for distressed patrons is paramount. Statistics indicate that risks of long-term neurological and social deficiencies are linked to … [Read more...]