Woman charged under G20 laws.

HAYDEN MCKEE Two women were taken into custody and excluded from G20 zones after they were found to be in possession of prohibited items. One of the women, 25, was officially charged with one count of possession of a prohibited item under … [Read more...]

Independent Activist Condemns International Land Grabbing

HAYDEN MCKEE Independent activist Jennifer Natoli travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane for the G20. She caught up with our journalist Hayden McKee to discuss the issues surrounding land grabbing. Amongst the issues discussed was how land … [Read more...]

Water Police on display

HAYDEN MCKEE A 14-strong flotilla of police vessels cruised the Brisbane River this morning in an unprecedented show of force ahead of the G20 summit. Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said it was a historic day for the service as … [Read more...]

National Protests for Ayotzinapa

HAYDEN MCKEE The Australian-Mexican community will hold a national protest this Saturday November 15 against Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's participation in the G20 Summit. Australia in Action for Ayotzinapa's Melbourne Protest … [Read more...]

G20 Law Update

HAYDEN MCKEE Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey has told a media conference the G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013 would not continue after the G20 has ended on November 17. … [Read more...]

Return to sex education

HIV Testing

HAYDEN MCKEE A recent study by the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales has found that 52.5% of new HIV infections occur among the tertiary education age group. A Queensland Health spokesperson said the message of 'get HIV … [Read more...]

Rapid Road Show

Hayden McKee The Community HIV Education & Prevention (CHEP) program has a new campaign: Rapid Road Show. The campaign is underway as it cruises across Queensland spreading the message of HIV awareness and free rapid HIV testing. With HIV … [Read more...]

Sexting Protection Laws

HAYDEN MCKEE The Victorian government has passed laws making it illegal to send ‘intimate images’ or ‘nudes’ (nude photos) without consent. The new ‘sexting’ laws will also provide an exemption for people under eighteen to avoid charges of … [Read more...]