An uncertain future: recognizing the experience of Australia’s refugees

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON Poverty, famine, disease. It’s an image antonymous with first-world life. But for refugees who have been forced to settle into a first-world country, it’s an all too familiar experience. For many refugees however, while the … [Read more...]

Everyone’s favourite bad movie returns this December

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON   This December at the New Globe Theatre sees the return of the best, worst movie ever made, giving fans and curious cinephiles the chance to see Tommy Wiseau's The Room on the big screen. A genuine classic of … [Read more...]

Integrity 20 conference reveals Australia’s neglect toward refugees

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON Australia's asylum seeker policies came under criticism at the Integrity 20 Summit last week, with guests Robert Manne, Tim Southphommasane, Penelope Matthew and Shami Chakrabarti underlining the moral obligation the Australian … [Read more...]

Rob Pyne to rally with pro-choice activists this November

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON Hundreds of pro-choice activists will descend on Queensland's Parliament House this November, to push for new laws that will remove abortion from the Queensland Criminal Code. The Women's Abortion Right Campaign Brisbane … [Read more...]

Beyondblue funds program to reduce regional suicide stigma

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON Regional farmers are being encouraged to join an online program called The Ripple Effect, in a bid to reduce the stigma of suicide in regional farming communities. The initiative aims to reduce suicide stigma by allowing farmers … [Read more...]

Bringing faiths and cultures together

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON Mosques around the country are encouraging Australians of all faiths to come together on October 29 for the annual National Open Mosque Day, to celebrate unity between Muslim and non-Muslim Australians. The open mosque day aims … [Read more...]

Southbank’s latest dose of latin

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON June 13 of this year marked the opening of the Southbank's latest instalment, Mucho Mexicano, bringing a fresh set of Mexican flavours to the latin quarter of Inner-City Brisbane. The new restaurant headed by The Ole Group, also … [Read more...]

Australia’s hidden epidemic under spotlight

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON Following International Overdose Awareness Day, CEO of the non-for-profit organisation ScriptWise, Ms Norhawa Bee called for more government support to lift the stigma of prescription medicine addiction. Between 2007 and … [Read more...]

Local films struggle to compete with Hollywood

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON The Australian film industry could take a few lessons from foreign film markets on how to compete with blockbuster Hollywood films in local cinemas. In 2014, Australian films accounted for less than 3% of the domestic box … [Read more...]

For the young and old, Seniors Week 2016

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON Chief Executive of the Council on the Ageing Queensland (COTAQ) Mark Tucker-Evans said Queensland Seniors Week operates to assist in social isolation often experienced by elderly people. Coordinated by COTA, Queensland … [Read more...]