US Air Force 757 exciting sight for plane spotters

KRYSTAL GORDON Plane spotters say the highlight of the G20 was seeing the US Air force 757. YBBN Spotters Group Spokesperson Tim Hillier said it was an exciting opportunity to see planes from all over the world. He said he enjoys seeing the … [Read more...]

Take a fly around G20 circuit

KRYSTAL GORDON A flight simulation centre at Hendra offers people the opportunity to fly a super hornet over the G20 circuit from Amberley over the city. Air Combat Centre Operations Manager James Baldwin said people can experience what its like … [Read more...]

Activist Ciaron O’Reilly arrested

    KRYSTAL GORDON Prohibited person Ciaron O’Reilly was arrested around 3pm in Musgrave Park today for re-entering the G20 declared area. He was taken to the Supreme Court for processing. Police have not yet released details … [Read more...]

Aid workers take a stand on Ebola, time is running out‏

KRYSTAL GORDON Oxfam Australia urges for medical staff to help fight Ebola as the life-threatening virus continues to spread throughout West Africa. Oxfam Australia Executive Helen Szoke said more should be done to contain Ebola. Ms … [Read more...]

Anonymous commits to peaceful protests despite being forced to unmask

KRYSTAL GORDON AND MELANIE WHITING A 44 year old Dinmore man has been charged for wearing a mask during a protest in the G20 declared area. Media reports indicate the man was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask which is the trademark of activist group … [Read more...]

G20 kicks off, police make only four arrests

KRYSATL GORDON Queensland Police say they are pleased with the protests that took place today with only four G20 protest related arrests. Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said there were no incidents affecting motorcades, the spouses … [Read more...]

Police make first arrest for breaching G20 exclusion order

KRYSTAL GORDON A young man was charged by police for re-entering the G20 exclusion zone today after being previously excluded. The 24 year old man from Highgate Hill was excluded from the declared area on November 9 for failing to provide … [Read more...]

People protest G20 through song

KRYSTAL GORDON In a novel way of protesting the Brisbane People's Choir performed a song compiled of peoples complaints about the G20  posted on a Facebook page. Choir organiser Robert Davidson said this type of protest is effective … [Read more...]

Plane spotting difficult during G20 summit

KRYSTAL GORDON and RILEY JACKSON People wanting to check out the international planes coming into Brisbane for the G20 summit will be unable to access prime viewing areas due to security restrictions. YBBN Spotters Group Spokesperson Tim … [Read more...]

Where will world leaders and delegates dine during G20?

KRYSTAL GORDON Up market Brisbane restaurants are hoping to accommodate world leaders and delegates attending the G20 summit next weekend. Next Door Kitchen and Bar General Manager Keith Nunns said they are expecting locals will leave the … [Read more...]