Nervous wait for OPs almost over

KELSIE IORIO   For school leavers around Queensland, OP scores are of utmost importance at the moment. One small (or not as small as some would ideally prefer) number seems like it can define a life at the end of grade 12; with … [Read more...]

Confidence makes world of difference

KELSIE IORIO It’s estimated that 130, 446 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia in 2016, and 46, 880 people will pass away from the disease. What pops into your head when you hear the word cancer? Hospital beds, … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

KELSIE IORIO   Driver fatigue is responsible for 20-30% of the road toll in Queensland, according to the Queensland Police Service. A major factor of fatigue being a leading killer on the roads is that it can affect any driver, … [Read more...]

Get #itsinthebag trending this Christmas

KELSIE IORIO   Christmas is fast approaching with shopping centres around the country already going overboard on decorations and specials for gifts. For Australia’s homeless population however, Christmas is most certainly one of the most … [Read more...]

A little support goes a long way

KELSIE IORIO It is no secret, that refugees and asylum seekers flee their home countries in search of safety, security, and a better life. Australian mainstream media is filled with negativity when the discussion relates to refugees and … [Read more...]

Flu prevention more effective than temporary relief

KELSIE IORIO Flu season is in full swing following the Ekka, and people of all ages are out of action with exhausting symptoms. Although free or affordable vaccinations are reducing the spread of colds and the flu, many have been struck … [Read more...]

Census for newbies: lack of motivation from first-time participants

KELSIE IORIO It's census time again, and tonight Australia will pause to 'play a role in Australia's future'. The census of population and housing is designed to count every Australian and collect data on their living arrangements, … [Read more...]

New technology to speed up missing persons search

KELSIE IORIO     The Queensland Police Service launched a new missing persons recovery application this week as part of 2016’s National Missing Persons Week. The app will be available to a limited number of police equipped … [Read more...]

Kelsie Iorio

Journalist and photographer Kelsie Iorio is originally  from Mackay and is currently living, working and studying in Brisbane. She has a keen interest in arts, entertainment, modern history, food and sport. Kelsie's goals include becoming an … [Read more...]