The economy’s tell-tale

Covering the Port of Brisbane, the country’s third busiest port, Bonner can be seen as one of Australia’s gates to the world. And besides being a key area to the Australian economy, Bonner is also a crucial piece in the puzzle that is politics. It … [Read more...]

Between the Headlines Ep. 2

This week we look at the budget. Joined buy Guy Healy and professor David Peetz, we discuss the PATH scheme and tax cuts presented by the coalition government. … [Read more...]

Between the Headlines Ep. 1

Today, Between the Headlines talk to Dr. Paul Williams and Guy Healy about this week's political stories and major issues in the upcoming federal election.   … [Read more...]

Brisbane Mayoral Candidate: Graham Quirk

KASPER KAASGAARD Graham Quirk is the current Lord Mayor of Brisbane, sitting since 2011. He represents the LNP and has been in politics for more than 30 years. In his campaign Graham Quirk has four main areas of focus. He wants to ease traffic … [Read more...]

Brisbane Mayoral Candidate: Jeffrey Hodges

  KASPER KAASGAARD Jeffrey Hodges is running for Lord Mayor of Brisbane for the Consumer Rights and No Tolls Party. He founded the party himself two and a half years ago. Hodges believes the private sector and big corporations have too … [Read more...]

Election time: Who’s on the ballot?

KASPER KAASGAARD With the local elections in Queensland less than two weeks away and campaigning is in full swing, we checked in with four citizens in the Brisbane area to see if the pubic is listening. They will be choosing from seven candidates … [Read more...]