The primary task for international students

KAN JIANG & NANNAPHAT SRITAKOONRUT Australia is growing into one of the most popular destinations for international students. Last week was the beginning of a new semester as well as a brand new start for them. How international … [Read more...]

Career opportunities for Chinese students

KHAN JIANG The Chinese Graduate Careers Fair Australia 2013 was held in Brisbane at Queensland University Of Technology (QUT) last Friday. The event targeted Chinese students who are completing or have completed their degree from Australian … [Read more...]

Truman’s dream of Fiji became my reality

KAN JIANG The first time I heard of Fiji was in the movie The Truman Show. Fiji, the pearl of the South Pacific, was the dreamland of Truman played by Jim Carrey. In Truman’s opinion, this beautiful paradise was a tranquil, mysterious, and idyllic … [Read more...]

UnionPay tourism card up and running

KAN JIANG The first UnionPay tourism card in Australia was issued last week, opening up many opportunities for international tourists. The dual-currency card is divided into two types: AUD Card and RMB Card, with free currency conversion, … [Read more...]

Expressing one’s self as a painting at Logan exhibition

KAN JIANG An exhibition in the Logan Art Gallery called ‘Movement and Energy’ captured the attention of Chinese student Fang Shujing. Last Saturday, she caught two trains and one bus to visit the exhibition that draws on the ancient Chinese … [Read more...]

Bacteria found in milk products

KAN JIANG The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has prompted a recall on milk products following the discovery of botulism-causing bacteria by New Zealand company Fonterra. The Ministry of Primary Industries announced last week that Karicare … [Read more...]

Chinese movie struck a pose on the stage of MIFF

KAN JIANG Jia Zhang-ke, a leader of China’s newest generation of directors, attended the 63rd Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) with his actress wife Zhao Tao on 31 July 2013. His new film A Touch of Sin, which won the best … [Read more...]