Community connections play key role in refugee resettlement

JESS ROBERTSON Growing up, we have the opportunity to go to school, to make our own friends, to meet their parents and create connections through them. We live in a world that's fundamentally made up of networks, and without these … [Read more...]

Writers under arrest

JESS ROBERTSON Madonna King led a discussion at the Integrity Summit this morning, interviewing three journalists and activists on the topic of writers under arrest. Ms  King spoke with Angolan journalist and human rights activist, Rafael … [Read more...]

Sakdiyah Ma’ruf’s mission to extinguish extremism with laughter

JESS ROBERTSON Madonna King led a conversation on the topic of extinguishing extremism with the use of comedy at the Integrity Summit this morning. Ms King spoke with Indonesian Muslim comedian and winner of 2015 Vaclav Havel International … [Read more...]

Amber Rose hosts largest recorded SlutWalk

JESS ROBERTSON Celebrity Amber Rose, hosted the largest  recorded SlutWalk on October 2nd in Los Angeles, raising awareness for sexual injustice and gender equality. Hoping to eliminate sexual violence, victim blaming and derogatory labels, … [Read more...]

Smoking laws lead to smoke free state

JESS ROBERTSON The Queensland Government's new smoke-free zone laws were implemented on September 1, leading QLD one step closer to becoming a smoke free state. Smoking has been banned near public transport waiting points, including ferry … [Read more...]

Dream career versus dream salary

JESS ROBERTSON Aspiring athletes, entrepreneurs and artists are encouraged to pursue their dreams but does passion led to unrealistic job expectations? Research into whether passion plays a key role in acquiring a successful future occupation was … [Read more...]

SuperMeat taking the murder out of meat

JESS ROBERTSON SuperMeat, an Indigogo funded organisation, claims to have developed a system for producing cultured one-hundred percent real, non GMO, meat without harming animals. Today's meat industry plays a major contribution to climate … [Read more...]

Social media brings success to businesses

JESS ROBERTSON The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported a thirty percent growth in the Australian online advertising market, resulting in a demand for online digital marketing specialists. The 2016 Census, found that Australian social … [Read more...]

The cut-throat business of a freelance stripper

JESS ROBERTSON Contrary to popular belief, Adult Entertainers work like most contractors, with ABN's, rates and rent all part of the job. Local Brisbane DJ, Jaydn Lamb, spoke about the nightlife entertainment industry as a whole. "I … [Read more...]

Athletic heroes turn to drugs

JESS ROBERTSON Recent reports of Olympic athletes testing positive to performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) poses the question of whether PEDs have become part of aspiring athletes everyday lives. The Court of Arbitration for sport reported … [Read more...]