Katter: Russian ban on imports “untold bloody damage”

JENELLE STAFFORD Federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter says Russia’s ban on Australian imports has seriously injured Australia’s agricultural industry, despite the Department of Agriculture’s claims to the contrary. Leader of the Katter … [Read more...]

Getting fit is no obstacle

JENELLE STAFFORD Fitness enthusiasts tackled more than 50 obstacles designed to test strength, speed and agility in Nerang on Sunday, despite temperatures clearing 32 degrees. The Terrain Training's Obstacles Gone Mad was organised by Gold … [Read more...]

Horse racing deaths revive welfare debate

JENELLE STAFFORD Admire Rakti, Araldo, Verema – three racehorses whose names will never be seen on a racing program again. These horses died during or immediately after the last two Melbourne Cups. Their story is not unique, and it has … [Read more...]