Welcome to Brisbane!

JANELSA OUMA It's back and stronger than ever, the colourful BRISBANE sign that dominated South Bank during the G20 has been replaced with a newer and sturdy version. The original sign's letters built by Queensland's Men's Shed Association … [Read more...]

Cancer’s Beef with Bacon

JANELSA OUMA The World Health Organisation's latest announcement warning that red meat, bacon, and processed meats can lead to certain types of cancer has been met with obvious concern. The findings came from years of research from the WHO … [Read more...]

End of the Hockey Age

JANELSA OUMA In an emotional speech at Federal Parliament, former Treasurer Joe Hockey delivered his final remarks filled with past memories and his hopes for the future of his party. The dumped Treasure showed no signs of bitterness when … [Read more...]

People hit back in Uber’s defence

JANELSA OUMA Recent attacks on Uber drivers in Brisbane has caused an outpouring of anger and support from the users of the ride-sharing app. Ride-share app user Anna Banhazi said that she believed that the apps would do little to hinder … [Read more...]

Malcolm Turnbull becomes 29th Australian Prime Minister

JANELSA OUMA   Malcolm Turnbull has become Australia's 29th Prime Minister after successfully winning a leadership ballot against Tony Abbott. After only two years in the job, Tony Abbott officially stepped down from the position as … [Read more...]

Wild Ride for Brisbane

JANELSA OUMA               The all new Ford Mustang is soon to arrive in Australia. Source: Flickr. The wait is almost over for the 2,000 Australian Ford customers who have pre-purchased the iconic American Mustang. The car that inspired the … [Read more...]

12,000 Syrian refugees to call Australia home

JANELSA OUMA Australia will be resettling an extra 12,000 refugees in a "once-off" increase of our humanitarian refugee quota in response to pressure from the Australian people and an escalation in the Syrian & Iraqi … [Read more...]

Doughnut demand brings Donut Boyz to Brisbane

JANELSA OUMA Donut Boyz are creating a sweet-tooth in Brisbane's hottest pub, The Wickham after increasing demand for artisan doughnuts. When the Sunshine Coast franchise first opened five months ago, they created a social media frenzy … [Read more...]

Residents in a row over narrow streets

JANELSA OUMA Brisbane motorists are becoming increasingly frustrated by narrow streets and confusion over parking laws in popular residential suburbs. Annerley resident Stephanie Flynn said Aylesford Street can be hazardous for drivers, … [Read more...]