Cartoons in the age of Fake News with Sean Leahy

By Elizabeth Foster Renowned Australian political cartoonist Sean Leahy is back at Woodford, focusing on the relationship between cartoons and fake news. Sean discussed his career, asking the audience to not hold his history writing for The … [Read more...]

Worldwide circus revival on display at Woodford

By Elizabeth Foster Dylan balances ontop of another performers head - Photo taken by Dylan Crawford @seewhatdsees The timeless art of circus is proudly on show at the Woodford Folk Festival, with new creations reinventing the age-old … [Read more...]

Youthful writings come alive at Woodford

By Elizabeth Foster Canadian group, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids made its Woodford debut (and in fact, their first out of North America performance) on Friday; and the show does exactly what it says on the tin. Volunteers get up on … [Read more...]

Costa Captivates Woodford

by Elizabeth Foster Costa Georgiadis, the famous Greek-Australian environmentalist, has taken up residence at the Woodford folk festival for two days of educational talks for both adults and children, with no shortage of fans from either side of the … [Read more...]