Viewers of sexualised child cartoons: a new class of sex offender

ELIZABETH ANDAL Consumers of cartoons, manga and anime are warned that the possession of “sexualised child cartoons” could hold unexpected legal consequences. In a statement released on the 11th of November 2015, the Palaszczuk Government … [Read more...]

The perks of being an international journalist

ELIZABETH ANDAL Nothing quite compares to being immersed in different cultures. With the exotic food, locations and individuals, there is no doubt that everyday will be full of new surprises. The experience of working overseas is one that many … [Read more...]

Mandatory detention: An investment in the decline of mental health

BY ELIZABETH ANDAL As mandatory detention continues, the mental well-being of the refugee community is suffering. Are we doing the right thing to ensure improvement of mental health? Or is this fundamental goal being overshadowed by alternative … [Read more...]

Juggling sun hours and technology for Aussie kids

ELIZABETH ANDAL Parents are being warned to monitor their children’s usage, however a fine balance remains the key to the complicated relationship between children and technology. Alarming statistics have revealed that children are spending … [Read more...]

More “hungry caterpillars” released to combat pest weeds in Queensland

ELIZABETH ANDAL   A new wave of hungry caterpillars are set to be released as biological control agents for the pest weed Parkinsonia across Queensland. The program, as a CSIRO/Department of Agricultures and Fisheries joint project … [Read more...]

Closing the Gap for Indigenous Entrepreneurship

ELIZABETH ANDAL With negative stereotypes and a persisting lack of access to resources, budding Indigenous entrepreneurs remain at an unfair disadvantage. Research has indicated that Indigenous people are a high risk to investors, … [Read more...]

Brisbane welcomes its new mobile library

ELIZABETH ANDAL Sustainability, accessibility and community are all a part of Brisbane's new mobile library designed  just for Brisbane. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk officially launched the new addition to the city's library services in King … [Read more...]

Road toll rises despite campaign efforts

ELIZABETH ANDAL Queensland road tolls rise despite road safety campaigns, an indication that providing awareness to the public is only half of the solution. Last year, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads implemented the … [Read more...]

‘Text to Donate’ your support this Daffodil Day

ELIZABETH ANDAL   Australians will now be able to show their support for Cancer Council by texting to donate and dedicating a daffodil to someone they know. Daffodil Day is set to make it easier than ever for Australians to donate this year … [Read more...]

Same-sex adoption laws to provide certainty for foster children

ELIZABETH ANDAL Same sex couples engaged in long-term foster care will be one of the many groups of Australians to benefit from the proposed changes to QLD adoption laws according to Gay Dads Australia Co-moderator, Rodney … [Read more...]