Workplace misogyny: ‘don’t rock the boat sweetheart’

CHELSEA MAPPAS   Some women’s well-being and opportunities are being harmed by ongoing workplace misogyny to which they are subjected in the workplace by employers and colleagues. Journalist, Tracey Spicer experienced what it was … [Read more...]

Fighting all the way to the finish line

CHELSEA MAPPAS V8 Supercars driver James Courtney showed admirable persistence when he successfully won race 27 at the Gold Coast 600 on the weekend. The Gold Coast 600 welcomed 197, 872 fans to witness the highs and lows of their favourite … [Read more...]

Put yourself in a chicken’s roost

CHELSEA MAPPAS PETA promotes Australians to feel empathy for abused chickens by using virtual reality technology. PETA visited The University of New South Wales (UNSW) for their Australia wide “I, Chicken” tour with assistance from Animal … [Read more...]

New “drought breaking” technology on trial

CHELSEA MAPPAS Power costs and water consumption could potentially reduce thanks to a new research facility opened at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus. The facility aims to conduct research into hybrid cooling technologies aimed … [Read more...]

More support needed for Parkinson’s

CHELSEA MAPPAS Parkinson’s Queensland has hosted A Walk in the Park to provide some much needed support to the Parkinson’s community in Brisbane. The event, supported by Dame Quentin Bryce, was held to help improve quality of life for … [Read more...]

Animal activists fight to stop dolphin hunt

CHELSEA MAPPAS Animal rights activists’ are fighting to end the cruel and unnecessary hunting of dolphins that is set to begin in Japan this month. The controversial event is held in the town of Taiji and is run annually for approximately … [Read more...]

Grindr not to blame for ice use

CHELSEA MAPPAS Hook-up applications like Grindr have been blamed for a supposed increase in drug use in the gay community, however this deflects from a focus on intervention and prevention. Twenty10 Association Executive Director Brett … [Read more...]

Gazing upon a Guinness World Record

CHELSEA MAPPAS Thousands of star enthusiasts will bask under the sky tonight in an attempt to set two Guinness World Records as part of National Science Week. The two records include “Most People Stargazing at a Single Site” in Canberra and … [Read more...]