Australia much like the UK in the face of global refugee crisis

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD It was another day of informative discussion at the Integrity 20 Summit with Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Professor Penelope Matthew, Professor Robert Manne and Race Discrimination Commisioner Tim Soutphommasane analyzing the … [Read more...]

An insight into how to prevent gender based violence with key speakers

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD   The MVP lecture will be held tonight at Griffith University, Nathan. Among the high profile speakers at the event will be one of the founders of Women's Legal Service and lecturer at Griffith University, Zoe Rathus … [Read more...]

Every child deserves a childhood

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD Reading books, packing bags and doing homework, for most young children these are the dreaded daily chores. Yet for refugees they are the small pleasures that take their minds off the trauma and tragedy. Australia holds … [Read more...]

Integrity 20 Summit: Sarah Chayes

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD The annual Integrity 20 Summit is set to commence at Griffith University's Conservatorium on the 25th October. The Summit lasts for three days and involves guest speakers from around the globe examining world-wide issues … [Read more...]

Tech Supergirls paving the way for women in technology

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD Groups of Queensland school girls will this week head to Sydney for the grand final of the Tech Girls Movement competition. In a society where women in the technology field is a rarity, the competition provides a … [Read more...]

A not so lazy Sunday: Active Nation Day

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD Sunday mornings have long been associated with sleep-ins and brunch, however for hundreds of women this Sunday will involve hours of exercise and no bacon. Women across the globe will be sweating it out in honour of … [Read more...]

It’s Doughnut Time!

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD It's the age old principle of business; listen to the customer, and Brisbane-based business Doughnut Time, has been listening. What started as humble beginnings has lead to success for the small business, with Brisbane … [Read more...]

Are you ok?

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD Today marks the annual R U OK? Day, a day designed to encourage friends to check in with one another. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around eight Australians commit suicide every day. R U OK? is … [Read more...]

Youth Detention Review made possible by Freedom of Information Request

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD The Queensland Government have recently announced a review into youth detention centres after the discovery of abuse at the Cleveland youth detention facility. The review comes after revelations about the Don Dale … [Read more...]

To report or not to report? Newcastle lawyer brings legal ethics into spotlight

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD     A Newcastle lawyer last week told a Royal Commission how he covered up child sex abuse in order to protect the Anglican Church. The revelation raises concerns about the legal industry and the … [Read more...]