Government plan for low-income families on Gold Coast

BILLIE-ANNA MAHER The Palaszczuk Government has released a $1.8 billion Housing Strategy  to generate new jobs, affordable housing and protect low-income families. The strategy, released at the begining of August,  will see 392 social housing … [Read more...]

Closing the gap on deep body mods

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS IMAGERY OF DEEP BODY MODIFICATION PROCEDURES THAT MAY BE UNSETTLING FOR SOME. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. BILLIE-ANNA MAHER Despite 1 in 5 Australians now having a tattoo and the high demand of cosmetic procedures, the … [Read more...]

Brisbane’s Irish pubs overflow with McGregor fans

BILLIE-ANNA MAHER Irish pubs in Brisbane were jam-packed with McGregor fans on Sunday for the highest grossing and most talked about fight in boxing history. The professional debut of the wildly popular Irish MMA fighter, Conor McGregor, against … [Read more...]

Queensland Police benefit football game a success

BILLIE-ANNA MAHER Almost 2000 people attended a Southside football benefit last Saturday to raise funds for the family of a policeman killed earlier this year. Senior Constable Brett Forte was fatally shot by a gunman in Locker Valley in … [Read more...]

Young mother sold meth from her backyard

BILLIE-ANNA MAHER A young mother has faced sentencing after pleading guilty to multiple counts of supplying methamphetamine from her Greenbank home. Amy Leigh Broughton, 24, was charged on six separate counts for crimes committed in April … [Read more...]