Go nuts for Nuts

ISABELLA MARSH Recent data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows Australians are still not eating enough nuts. Figures released from the ABS in May show that while Australians are eating 60% more nuts than in 1995 we still … [Read more...]

Consumer focus in the new age of genetically modified crops

SAMANTHA MEHAN Consumer focused GM crops are taking over from traditional GM crops designed to benefit producers, a leading crop geneticist said in Brisbane this week. University of Copenhagen Professor Renate Müller told the International … [Read more...]

High Court decision in ‘bikie’ law challenge will affect all Queenslanders

AUDREY COURTY A High Court challenge to the Queensland government’s ‘anti-bikie’ laws wrapped up last week and the verdict, which is not expected for several weeks, will have national consequences. Hells Angels member Stefan Kuczborski has … [Read more...]

‘March Australia’ protesters take to the streets of Brisbane

AUDREY COURTY Scenes from 'March Australia' rally in Brisbane CBD. Photos: Audrey Courty Thousands of protesters marched through Brisbane CBD on Sunday as part of a nationwide protest against Federal Government policies. The ‘March … [Read more...]

Chained activist protests indefinite detention of asylum seekers

AUDREY COURTY A refugee rights advocate chained herself to a post outside the Immigration department in Brisbane today, condemning the indefinite detention of asylum seekers at the Curtin and Villawood centres. Refugee Action Collective … [Read more...]