$70 million plan to resue Lady Cilento childrens hospital

ARIANA DEELEY The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital will receive a $70 million funding boost to address a number of complaints and issues since opening last November. The announcement came after the Australian Medical Association held a … [Read more...]

Australian film success highlights importance of government support

ARIANA DEELEY The Australian Film Industry has broken its all time Box Office record by hitting $64 million dollars this month, for 2015 so far. The milestone surpasses the previous record of $63.4 million, set in 2001, and can be … [Read more...]

Ethical business for long term profitability

ARIANA DEELEY Raising business above the bottom line was a key issue raised at the Global Integrity Summit in Brisbane on Wednesday. Scholars and business professionals agreed, rather than just thinking about making a profit, businesses … [Read more...]

Don’t get short changed with incomplete banknotes

ARIANA DEELEY It’s a little known fact that damaged and incomplete banknotes may not be worth their full face value. Brisbane man Tony Morrison found this out the hard way after he received a damaged twenty-dollar note from a fast-food … [Read more...]

Sinkhole appears in busy Cleveland street

ARIANA DEELEY Redland City Council has begun emergency roadworks after a sinkhole appeared in Middle Street, Cleveland, early Sunday evening The sinkhole appeared just 30 centimeters wide at the surface, but extended two meters deep when it … [Read more...]

Facebook to trial ‘dislike’ button

ARIANA DEELEY Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the company is currently working on a ‘dislike’ feature for the social networking site. Zuckerberg made the announcement during a live-streamed public Q&A session on Tuesday. "People … [Read more...]

Working together to change attitudes toward body image

ARIANA DEELEY The Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders today launched their ‘Love Your Body Week’ campaign, aiming to raise awareness about eating disorders whilst promoting body confidence in support of 'Body Image and Eating Disorders … [Read more...]

Ferrari launches new showroom to meet demand of QLD enthusiasts

ARIANA DEELEY Brisbane’s Ferrari dealership has officially opened the doors to its new showroom to meet the growing demand of Queensland customers. Positioned on the high profile corner of Breakfast Creek Road and Waterloo Street, the 550 … [Read more...]

Ice Bucket Challenge raises funds for Motor Neuron Disease

ARIANA DEELEY Scientists from John Hopkins Medicine announce breakthrough for Motor Neuron Disease thanks to funds raised from the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge. Researcher on the project Jonathan Ling described how the funds gave researchers the … [Read more...]