South Sudan humanitarian crisis

ANYIETH KUOTZ As we lead our lives here in Australia almost oblivious to the heartache of poverty, political exploitation and tribalism we miss the opportunity to understand, serve, and appreciate the simple gifts of life. South Sudan is currently … [Read more...]

Credit Cards and the Scammers

ANYIETH KUOTZ More Australians are falling victims to online and credit card fraud and scammers. The way Australians use banks these days, such as banking online and using ATMs, means they are much more exposed to fraud. Scammers have … [Read more...]

Australian businesses compete globally with cultural diversity

ANYIETH KUOTZ Queensland businesses get a competitive edge with cultural diversity in global markets, according to business leaders who spoke at the Queensland Multicultural Month business lunch this month. Australia is a vibrant, … [Read more...]

Tim Nicholls fails to explain $8 BILLION black hole

ANYIETH KUOTZ Queensland's Palaszczuk Government have left black holes in post-election revenue promises, which was meant to generate a substantial amount of work for the state. Queenslanders were promised a generous investment by the LNP … [Read more...]

Young Queenslanders future Safety Heroes

ANYIETH KUOTZ Young Queenslanders have an opportunity to potentially save lives through a new electrical energy information program in schools. Ergon and Energex have joined forces to create a program to turn students into Safety … [Read more...]

Anyieth Kuotz

Anyieth Kuotz is an African-Australian aspiring journalist who desires for a more accepting world. With a passion for culture and social issues she takes on topics that society faces in the hope of educating, enlightening, and enthralling. Anyieth … [Read more...]