AI And Our Future

ALEX CORBY AI (artificial intelligence) machines are rapidly increasing in enhancements and further development, and constantly redefining our lives. Today at the Integrity 20 summit Professor Toby Walsh, a leading expert in Artificial … [Read more...]

Halloween pranksters gone too far

ALEX CORBY October is quickly becoming the month of frights. Of fun games to indulge peoples greatest nightmares in an environment where there is no real threat. But sometimes the joke can go too far. There is a trend of internet pranks … [Read more...]

Refugees need our support too

ALEX CORBY The Government are currently aiming for Queenslanders to be the healthiest people in the world within the next ten years. Centred in this mission is mental health and aiding suffers across a broad spectrum. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]

Elder women homeless on the rise

ALEX CORBY   The number of elderly women becoming homeless is rapidly increasing, it is now the fastest growing form of homelessness in our society. Homelessness in women over the age of 55 is on the rise, stress and abuse from separation … [Read more...]

Survivor’s heating up as the Queen falls

ALEX CORBY In a game like Survivor, you need to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Especially when your friends are stabbing you in the back. This is exactly what we saw on Monday nights episode, as we witnessed old … [Read more...]

Great Barrier Reef continues to struggle

ALEX CORBY A new study has revealed that the clearing of land around the Great Barrier Reef is increasing, now significantly worst than previous years. Acting Premier Jackie Trad released the Land Cover and Tree study that revealed that there has … [Read more...]

New survey to save the koala

ALEX CORBY The Palaszczuk government are seeking public insight through a new online survey to help gauge community perceptions on Koala's and their management. Dr Steven Miles, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection spoke at a luncheon … [Read more...]

Life after death

ALEX CORBY A UK-based scientific team have been studying to prove evidence of life after death. They have been speaking to patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, and 40% of survivors recalled having some kind of awareness after being declared … [Read more...]

Queensland Uber reform

ALEX CORBY Photo by Caitlyn O'Brien     The Queensland government have announced that Uber, and other ride sharing services, will be legalised in the state from the 5th September 2016. Premier Anna Palaszczuk is … [Read more...]

Grandma Uber helps get party-goers home safe

ALEX CORBY Photo by Trevor Blackmore Proud Uber driver and grandmother sets the standard for taxi drivers and ride-sharing services everywhere. Kathy Raydings, 57, is just one person trying to make a difference. She's been dubbed Grandma … [Read more...]