Wallabies hold hopes of a nation

BEAU ROBINSON The Wallabies have created much hype back home in Australia with their meteoric rise to the final of this year's Rugby World Cup. The Wallabies and All Blacks will make history even before kick for the 2015 World Cup decider, … [Read more...]

Aussie’s goddess tattoo offends Indian Hindus

BEAU ROBINSON A young tattooed traveller has found himself facing the wrath of members of a Hindu community in India. Matthew Gordon offended the Hindu’s with his tattoo of the Hindu goddess, Yellama.  Gordon and his girlfriend Emily were … [Read more...]

Wallabies chances firming after surviving “pool of death”

BEAU ROBINSON The Wallabies are firming as favourites to win the rugby World Cup in England. After surviving the ‘pool of death’ that included rivals England, Wales and Fiji, the Wallabies look on top. Australian coach Michael Cheika has … [Read more...]

Farmer Bill happy with trade agreement.

BEAU ROBINSON The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has got many farmers in Australia excited about what it will mean for their produce and in turn their pockets.   Under this deal 98 per cent of tariffs across TPP … [Read more...]

Broncos, Cowboys, and Jets

BEAU ROBINSON An extra dose of rugby league glory could be on the cards for Queensland this weekend. Not only will the NRL watch an all-Queensland final for the first time in rugby league history, but the Ipswich Jets will also be playing … [Read more...]

Sydney house prices through the roof.

By BEAU ROBINSON According to the latest figures released by the ABS, Sydney house prices have jumped by 21.5 per cent over the past year. In the June quarter the Sydney's House Price Index (HPI) rose 9.8 per cent. This has been the largest … [Read more...]

‘Hayne plane’ has turbulent night.

BEAU ROBINSON Jarryd Hayne's debut as a San Francisco 49ers player on Tuesday night did not go as well as expected. It seemed the Hayne plane was going to crash before it had even taken off after he was put on as punt returner in the first … [Read more...]

Road upgrade to beef up North-West cattle industry.

  BEAU ROBINSON   Councils across Queensland are uniting in a bid to get upgrades for roads that are vital to livestock transportation and the cattle industry across the state. Earlier this year the Federal Government … [Read more...]

Pack up the books and get on the tools

BEAU ROBINSON Research has come out indicating 60% of students are studying for careers that won't exist in the future. With students facing increasingly large HECS debts for occupations that could possibly no longer exist, there is an … [Read more...]