Why are governments putting democracy at risk by whittling away the rights of the Fourth Estate

Jodie Ginsberg pondering press freedom photos by Kasun Ubayasiri

The ramifications of press freedoms coming under threat and the direct implications for democracy, were hotly debated at Integrity 20 today.

Australian author and journalist Matt Condon chaired the discussion, featuring Australian television presenter Kerry O’Brien and, the chief executive of UK- based freedom of expression organisation, Index on Censorship, Jodie Ginsberg.

Cameroonian journalist, Mimi Mefo Takambou, was also present via a live video feed, after her visa to come to the conference was refused by the Australian Government.

Mimi outlined the issues she has experienced in her home country that have seen her arrested illegally for performing her duties as a journalist, and her disappointment that she could not come to Australia.

Jodie Ginsberg spoke to our reporter for The Source Jesse O’Keefe, about her concerns for the implications of this visa refusal and for media rights in this country.

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