Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail makes sustainability fun


Garage Sale Trail is set to return to the Moreton Bay Region on Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, uniting the massive 400,000 shoppers and 18,000 individual garage sales expected to take part in the event around Australia.

Garage Sale Trail
More than three million kilograms of pre-loved items were sold at the Garage Sale Trail last year, with even more expected to be sold this year. Photo: Courtesy Garage Sale Trail


Garage Sale Trail co-founder Andrew Valder said the initiative came from his experiences seeing the impact waste had on the planet.

“I’ll never forget standing on a hill at a festival and looking around at a sea of rubbish,” Mr Valder said.

“Not long after, I met [Garage Sale Trail co-founder] Darryl Nichols and we started working on some projects together,” he said.

“In 2010, we held an event called Sizzle, which included a coordinated day of garage sales.”

“We aimed to have 30 sales on the day, but there turned out to be 130, and the initiative grew from there.”

Mr Valder said Garage Sale Trail encouraged Australians to put second-hand first.

“We want to educate individuals on the importance of reuse and the need for all of us to take responsibility for the impact our consumption habits have,” he said.

“We want to make sustainability fun, inspire community-powered change, and promote the idea that small actions done at scale can make an impact,” Mr Valder said.

“It also encourages people to meet their neighbours and connect with their community, all whilst doing their bit for the planet,” he said.

Garage Sale Trail
Expect to find anything from pre-loved furniture, kids toys, books, clothing, vinyl, knick-knacks and more on the Garage Sale Trail. Photo: Courtesy Garage Sale Trail


Mr Valder said he was looking forward to seeing the range of weird and wonderful items up for sale.

“We’ve seen some bizarre items every year,” he said.

“From miniature goats to a barnyard full of pianos, and even a yacht from the film The Great Gatsby,” he said.

“Even the giant mechanical shark Greg Norman teed off [of] during the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.”

“The whacky and unexpected items just keep coming.”

Mr Valder said the initiative continued to grow every year.

“This year, we’re expecting nearly 400,000 Australians to take part in over 18,000 garage sales around the country,” he said.

“Sale registrations for this year’s Trail are already up 60 per cent more than last year, and they continue to pour in.”

“The event has gained the support of over 140 councils, state governments, as well as a whole heap of different organisations.”

Garage Sale Trail
Community groups, schools, households, artists and charity organisations all get involved with the Garage Sale Trail. Photo: Courtesy Garage Sale Trail


Sandy Gilboy, owner of Zhoozh’d by Sandy, said she was looking forward to sharing her creations in her first Garage Sale Trail store next month.

“I ask the community for old, broken things they were thinking of getting rid of and I give them a new life,” Ms Gilboy said.

“This stops them from ending up on the scrap heap and creating more landfill,” she said.

“I love the idea of sharing my creations and dedicating a weekend to clear them out to make space for more projects.”

“This is my first year participating in the Trail, but I can tell it’s by no means going to be my last.”

Local artist Glenis Dobe said she was excited to take part in the Trail for her second year.

“Last year’s sale was quite successful and definitely a fun weekend, so I want to give it another go, but on a larger scale,” Ms Dobe said.

Garage Sale Trail
The Garage Sale Trail wants people around Australia to reuse and shop second hand to reduce the number of usable items going to landfill. Photo: Courtesy Garage Sale Trail


“So, besides my art and collectables, I have decided to include more items such as plants, jigsaws, books, tools and clothes,” she said.

“A couple of my neighbours are going to join me with a few items also.

“We’ll have coffee available to create a great meeting place.”

Moreton Bay Regional Council spokesperson for Asset Construction and Maintenance, Cr Adam Hain, said in a statement meeting neighbours and decluttering encouraged local households, schools and community groups to get involved.

“It’s expected that this year’s weekend-long event will be the best attended yet, and it’s definitely a fun way to stop waste going to landfill,” Mr Hain said in the statement.

“Afterall, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and by getting involved you’ll be helping to educate kids and our community about the impact we can all make when we buy second hand,” he said in the statement.

“At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility as a society to take responsibility for the waste we create.”

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