Mater Private Hospital Redlands Spring Fashion Parade

Fashion Parade supports Mater Redlands


Mater Private Hospital Redlands is holding their 16th annual Spring Fashion Parade and Morning Tea on September 13 to raise money for special equipment that the hospital may otherwise not be able to purchase.  

Mater Private Hospital Redlands Spring Fashion Parade
Fashions at the Mater Private Hospital Redlands’ Spring Fashion Parade will be provided by Fashions on Mayfair. Photo: Courtesy Mater Private Hospital Redland Auxiliary


The Mater Private Hospital Redland Auxiliary has been organising the Spring Fashion Parade and Morning Tea each year since 2004.  

The auxiliary holds a number of fundraising events throughout the year to help the hospital and has already raised more than $4500 this year.  

Auxiliary president Judith Johnstone said she regularly spoke with nurses at the hospital to determine what pieces of equipment would be particularly useful for the patients, but were not being funded by other means.  

“It’s the little extras that might be way down in the list they have at the hospital, and if we can bring that list up by a little bit, that’s what we aim to do,” Ms Johnstone said. 

Last year, the auxiliary were able to purchase a HoverMatt Air Transfer System, which is an inflatable mat that assists nurses in moving and repositioning patients without the need for lifting. 

Jackie North, the donor relationships manager at the Mater Foundation, has worked closely with the Redlands auxiliary in the past.  

“I’ve known those ladies for a long time and I know the great work they do,” Ms North said.  

“The work they do is so much appreciated because these ladies are volunteers, they do all of this in their own time and… with open hearts,” she said. 

“As you walk around the hospital… there are so many pieces of equipment that have been funded by the work of the auxiliary.” 

Previous equipment funded by the Redlands auxiliary includes a neo-natal resuscitation cabinet, cordless chair alarms, and cooling caps to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. 

The Redlands auxiliary holds four fundraising events for the hospital per year, including a Christmas market and a trivia night.  

This year’s Mater Hospital Redland’s Spring Fashion Parade will be held at the Redland Sporting Club on Friday September 13 from 10am to 1pm. 

The parade will feature spring fashion from Fashions on Mayfair, as well as selected jewellery and millinery, and there will also be a raffle during the event.   

Tickets cost $40 each and include morning tea. 

All funds raised go towards the Mater Private Hospital Redlands Auxiliary.  

Visit the event page for more details.

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