Flashmob Gold Coast at Burleigh Beach

Gold Coast beach goers bust a move


Visitors to the Gold Coast’s Burleigh Beach were treated to some rather unexpected entertainment when around 40 people from Flashmob Gold Coast broke into a surprise performance on the sand on Saturday morning.

Flashmob Gold Coast at Burleigh Beach
Flashmob Gold Coast showcased their first public performance at Burleigh Beach in front of unsuspecting beach goers on Saturday. Photo: Jessica Ambler


The choreographed dance was performed at 11am to Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”, which started playing through a speaker and drawing strategically positioned “beach goers” into the fun.

Flashmob Gold Coast founder Erin Monro, who usually choreographs flashmobs for weddings and private events, said the Burleigh Beach event was their first performance at a public venue.

Ms Monro said after signing up, dancers were sent a video link to learn the moves in their own time.

“We did have a practise last Sunday and it was amazing to see people dancing the choreography,” she said.

“I thought the song was fitting for Burleigh.”

The flashmob stunned unsuspecting locals enjoying the sun and dining at the Surf Club in Burleigh, with some stopping to take photos and watch the performance, which was done twice.

Ms Monro said it was the thrill of surprising people that made flashmobs so enjoyable.

“I’ve always said it’s the best sober and legal fun you can have,” she said.

“It’s about being part of something bigger and strangers coming together.”

Flashmob Gold Coast’s surprise performance at Burleigh Beach
Around 40 people joined Flashmob Gold Coast’s surprise performance in Burleigh Beach lead by organiser Erin Monro. Photo: Jessica Ambler


The choreography was kept simple so that even those with limited dance abilities could take part, although Ms Monro said anyone who knew her style was aware of her signature move.

“It’s the body roll,” she said.

“It’s a little bit of a tricky move.”

“It’s not about being good, it’s about having fun.”

Jenae Swan joined in on the Burleigh flashmob fun on Saturday, but it wasn’t her first time dancing with Monro.

Ms Swan was a bridesmaid in Ms Monro’s wedding in May this year, where Monro organised a flashmob and they danced to ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars.

Ms Swan said Ms Monro had a motto that got people to enjoy the moment.

“She always says: ‘Let’s just have some fun, love’,” Ms Swan said.

Around 60 tickets were sold for the event, but Ms Monro said some of those were to spectators who were there to support others dancing.

“Some mums bring their kids, too,” she said.

For more information or to join in on the fun of future flashmobs, head to Flashmob Gold Coast’s Facebook page.

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