Woodfordians keeping connected at the Lettering House

You can write letters to just about anyone whether you know their name or not from the Woodford Folk Festival Letting House Photo Meg Williams-Dell

By Connie Savage

At any given time, it’s hard to find a seat at Woodford Folk Festival’s Lettering House, with patrons eagerly scribbling letters to be hand delivered by this unique postal service.

Letters can be delivered to just about anyone. From strangers to performers to the man who served the best coffee, posties will do their best to get notes to the correct person.

A fan-favourite is when posties hand-deliver letters to festival-goers based on descriptions.

Today’s postie said she’d spent the morning looking for a lady in a red, green and yellow dress, but was confident the mystery woman would be found.

“I’m the postie. I always find the right person,” she said.

Patrons can write a letter to a friend at the festival, with recipients receiving a text message when their letter is ready to be collected.

Letters can also be left on an exchange wall for anyone to come and take.

A popular Woodford tradition is written confessions being sent to the annual fire ceremony on New Year’s Day to be burned.

The Lettering House is open each day from 9am.

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