The Poets Breakfast – the most fulfilling meal of the day

by Jade McGarry

‘Campbell the Swaggy’ graces the stage at the Poets Breakfast
Photo cred: Dylan Crawford

Making an audience feel emotionally vulnerable by a group of strangers at 8AM in the morning is a tough gig, but the folk at the Poets Breakfast manage to make it happen.

The sound of cheers and encouragement floods the Blues Town tent for the literary breakfast of champions, at the Woodford Folk Festival.

The event is hosted by Brisbane slam legend, Angela Peita, who loves to give new poets a stage.

“It is so good to see and hear new voices, I love people working and planning on their pieces of work,” Angela says.

“Today we have so many acts that we may not be able to get through them all, but when people come back that’s my favourite, persistence really pays off in poetry.”

One of Woodford Folk Festivals true gems, the breakfast creates an open, warm, inviting space for anyone and everyone to share their words.

A Woodfordian Poet shares some special words
Photo Cred: Dylan Crawford

The characters arrive slowly as the time becomes more reasonable, by about 9AM the tent is full, and the emotional tension is high as stories of tragedy and pain are mingled with rhythmic comedy.

Sharing the Woodfordian spirit of connectedness, this space is like a think-tank for honesty and real-world emotion, through the form of poetry.

Poetry legend and Australiana performer, ‘Campbell the Swaggy’ graced the stage for his 25th Woodford Folk festival, to share his thoughts on reconciliation.  

“I’m here to show the real Australia,” Campbell says.

“The stories are to do with important aspects of my journey, the environment, native animals, and promoting my country home.”

The opportunity for all people to become a part of the Woodfordia entertainment and performance is a huge testament to the festival, creating an environment where people feel empowered and motivated.

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