The Menstrual Revolution

by Jade McGarry

“Half the world menstruates, so we may as well talk about it.”

So says Fiona McKeague, member of the ‘Menstru-Revolutionaries,’ a team of women working to innovate the menstrual process and eradicate the internalised shame of periods.

She’s speaking at the Woodford Folk Festival, where innovation, sustainability and protection of our future is at the heart of many conversations.

Sarah Ripper, fellow member of the Menstru-Revolutionaries, is inviting everyone to make menstruation part of the broader discussion.

“Using a menstrual cup can save the planet from the waste of 9600 disposable sanitary products per woman during her life,” Sarah says.

“It will also save a woman on average $20,000 dollars in her lifetime.”

The stigma and taboo surrounding periods and menstruation runs deep, there is a lot to explore and understand, for many women to feel comfortable to discuss and share their menstrual experiences.

Fiona McKeague says the information currently out there for people to access about menstruation options is not sufficient.

“As a society, we are like a teenage girl about periods; our knowledge stopped at the basics, there is so much more to learn,” Fiona says.

“Using a menstrual cup invites women to know your body and anatomy, sparking empowerment and insightfulness to help understand yourself as a woman.”

The revolutionaries want to create a sisterhood, a lovely atmosphere to try and explore these innovative products and understand menstruation more thoroughly.

“We have seen this conversation broaden and become more exciting over the past five to seven years, it is so exciting, people are learning that there are a lot of options out there for the means of the menstruator,” Fiona says.

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