The 33-Year Long Woodfordian tradition

by Jade McGarry

John Emmett sets up for another busy day at Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford’s everchanging ethos of connection and understanding, has people coming back time and time again, to learn, grow and share ideas among likeminded folk.

A special Woodfordian who harbours this desire and passion, is John Emmett a journalist returning to his 33rd consecutive year reporting and photographing the festival.

Emmett worked initially for the ABC, and is now with 7 News, covering opening ceremonies and fire performances since the inception of the festival at Maleny.

The sacred nature of the Woodford community has people desiring to expand and inform the community outside the festival grounds.

“I absolutely love Woodford, it is truly like being part of a family,” Mr Emmett says.

“I return for the alternate lifestyle, and to share ideas of openness, sensitivity and the joy of connectedness to the outside.”

Having been a part of the festival for such a long time, Mr Emmett has witnessed the Woodfordian ideals constantly change and improve.

“The opening ceremony is now more direct and succinct in expressing this message,” he says.

“A welcome that is made for all folk, to share and begin our experience at Woodford, I always have sent this to the outside, and I will continue to do so.”

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