The wonders of a morning at Woodford Folk Festival

by Jade McGarry


The beginning of this year’s Woodford Folk Festival resembles a spiritual awakening, the very start of a series of community-based morning rituals.

Officially opening its doors to festival goers today, and continuing until January 1st, Woodford is providing the expected crowd of more than 100-thousand people with a selection of morning activities and

a multitude of free battery re-chargers for the soul of the community.

Festival mornings bring a crowd of spritely children, stretching and exploring, and adults slowly adjusting between sleep and the buzz of the day ahead.

Indian Hatha Yoga instructor, Yogi Kunga begins the day’s teachings with a collective meditation practice that delves into the fundamental notions of the hinduistic yoga practice.

“First and foremost, it is vital to bring your mind with you during your practice, in order to centre yourself for the challenges of the practice itself,” Yogi Kunga says.

He explores the concept of balance, which is a reoccurring theme this year, by providing an environment for all levels of relaxation or strength.

His yoga classes continue throughout the festival, with Saturday’s supported by Indian folk music, and Sunday’s focussing on Tibetan style yoga accompanied by a “Singing Bowl.”

The continuation of the notion of balance is literally a physical process going on at “Acro-Yoga” taking place in the Circadia tent.

Acro Yoga host Indra Namaha embodies the very essence of this alternate practice, providing a fun, interactive, extremely family friendly environment.

“The tradition is built around communication and sharing,” Indra Namaha says.

“Woodford this year is really focusing on the concept of balance, and we have teachers from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane helping us embody this.”

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