Juggling birds with beds has benefits


Kathryn Killingback at her home with rescued ducklings.  Photo: Maddison Mangan

Kathryn Killingback sells beds for a living, but when it comes to native birdlife she isn’t prepared to take their survival lying down.

The Burleigh Waters businesswoman has rescued more than 600 native animals during the past eight years, saying caring for birds keeps her grounded outside of work.

“I was so happy with how successful I had gotten with my business, but my heart was telling me I needed to do something with my passion for wildlife,” Ms Killingback said.

“I had always loved birds and so I started researching how I could help those animals who had been injured.”

Ms Killingback joined a non-profit organisation, Wildcare Australia, to help rescue and care for sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native wildlife.

“They only step in when the animal needs help but then once it’s healthy they release it again,” she said.

“I’ve been a volunteer rescuer now for eight years and have seen over 600 animals come through my care.

“It’s so rewarding seeing them regain strength to be released back to the wild.”

Rescued ducklings found on the Gold Coast. Photo: Kathryn Killingback

Her business, Beds Galore, has grown during the same period.

“The amount of birds needing rescuing has increased a lot in the last few years with changes to roads, and developments being built,” she said.

“It’s been difficult to balance running my business and being available to go pick up birds… I sometimes have up to 10 birds in my showroom while I work.”

She hopes others will be inspired to join in.

“I’d love to see more young people getting business savvy and set themselves up but also to want to get involved in more beneficial activities for our environment,” she said.

“It would be good to see more locals get involved in helping our native wildlife.”

Contact Wildcare Australia on  07 5527 2444 for any wildlife related emergencies.

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