Miranda Heymink at Rock Up and Rip

Rock Up and Rip gets girls on board


Girls of all ages and skill levels took over Fairfield Skatepark on the weekend for a special event known as Rock Up and Rip.

Girls' skate class at Rock Up and Rip
Skate Well Clinics donated their time to teach new skaters the basics at Rock Up and Rip at Fairfield Skatepark. Photo: Ashlee Stenner

The event, which is in its second year, was organised by community group Girls Skate Brisbane, which encourages girls to try skateboarding for the first time as well as encouraging those who already skate to improve their skills.

Girls Skate Brisbane welcomed skaters from beginner level to master level to Rock Up and Rip, asking for a gold coin donation to participate.

The event kicked off with an introduction to skating class run by Skate Well, a collective of industry-accredited instructors.

Girls Skate Brisbane organisers Indigo Willing, Evie Ryder and Tora Cordelia were on hand to offer additional tips to beginner skaters.

The event had a relaxed and friendly vibe, with girls of all ages and all skill levels having a go.

A father held the hand of his four-year-old daughter to keep her balance as she pushed her skateboard along.

Two sisters zoomed past, ollieing off the half pipe while Evie Ryder skated with a pack of intermediate skaters mastering the bowl.

Experienced riders called out encouragement to the less experienced skaters, such as “Nice one!”, “Really close! I saw that!” and “Keep on shredding, little shredders.”

The introduction to skating class was followed by other skate boarding events including fun challenges, a bowl/street and half pipe competition, and an all-genders best trick competition.

The challenges involved races from one end of the park to the other in different ways, such as crab walking, hopping backwards to get back to the starting line, and awards for the silliest skating.

There was also a free sausage sizzle to thank all the participants who showed up and had a go.

Organiser Evie Ryder said the group relied on sponsors to help them get their events off the ground.

“We have different sponsors for different events,” she said.

Ms Ryder said the Rock Up and Rip event was supported by a number of generous sponsors, which enabled them to sell merchandise, play music through speakers, have access to a microphone and provide prizes to competion winners.

“For this event, we have Project Distribution, ASCI, Sk8er, FSC, Thieves, Baus, Lucky Foot, 138 Skate Shop, Grizzly, Primitive Skateboarding, GS Glassy and Skate Well Clinics,” Ms Ryder said.

“There is a lot of community support from local councils to groups like Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative, but most of the work is just local skaters volunteering to get together and skate,” she said.

Miranda Heymink at Rock Up and Rip
Girls Skate Brisbane volunteer Miranda Heymink is like a big sister to the younger skaters. Photo: Ashlee Stenner

Skater and event volunteer Miranda Heymink said the way Girls Skate Brisbane operated was structured enough to feel safe, but laid back enough to allow for the “chilled vibe” that skating evoked.

“Girls Skate Brisbane will always make sure the events are carefully thought out and planned, ensuring the safety of all the participants, but still have a very warm, calm yet fun atmosphere,” Ms Heymink said.

“It’s been the most rewarding activity; both physically, mentally and socially, as I have met so many beautiful humans since I started skating, so many different humans from all walks of life.”  

“The best part of Girls Skate Brisbane is that they’re just so welcoming and encouraging, they feel like home.”

While the Rock Up and Rip event was focussed on fun, organisers took safety seriously.

Protective gear was highly encouraged and registering at the Girls Skate Brisbane marquee on the day was essential.

This allowed the organisers to know exactly which skateboarders they should be looking out for to ensure their safety.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Girls Skate Brisbane or joining one of their upcoming events can visit Girls Skate Brisbane.

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