Gold Coast race stretches 320km


Australia’s first ever 200 mile race is coming to the Gold Coast this month.

The Altra Nerang 200 calls on runners from around the world to beat 200 miles – 320 kilometres – on a 25km loop course.

Though the distance is popular in America, this is the first time it has been done on Australian shores.

Runner Sam Weir previously won the Anzac Day 450km run in 2014, and was the youngest person to finish the 240km Coast to Kosci marathon the same year.

Aaron Longmuir takes on the 100 miler earlier this year. Photo: Supplied

Mr Weir said he uses the Nerang course as his local training ground, fuelling his passion for the sport.

He aims to finish the race within 65 hours – without a break to sleep.

“It’s always been about seeing how hard you can push the human body, and it’s all a mental game because your mind will give up before your body does as you find new boundaries,” he said.

“It’s a pretty brutal course but I spend a fair bit of time out there so I thought I should try it.

“The other thing is the only races that have been that distance or longer have been overseas, so it’s good to have one in your own backyard.”

Organiser and veteran runner Ian Cornelius said the course developed for the event was “ingenius”.

“It provides the opportunity for frequent rehydration and food intake and lends itself to frequent crewing care, not normally available on point to point courses,” he said.

Sam Weir carries the Australian flag at the ANZAC Ultra in 2015. Photo: Supplied

“The glimpses of the Gold Coast skyline and beachfront are hard to beat, but runners’ welfare and safety come first anyway.”

The Altra Nerang 200 takes place from 27-30 September. Spectators are welcome, with more details about the event found at

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