Dog owners connect at Paws and Pizzazz


Paws and Pizzazz has brought Gold Coast dog owners together for a second year.

English Bulldog puppy Nismo delighted passersby with his tricks. Photo: Brianna Morris-Grant

Hundreds of residents and their furry friends gathered at Sanctuary Cove’s Marine Village last weekend to enjoy puppaccinos, designer collars and the latest in dog fashion.

Owner of anti anxiety dog accessories Lily and Lottie, Karen Dunks, said the event was a chance to connect with people who were passionate about pets.

“I’m primarily online so for me it’s about getting my products out there for people to see … people like to have a product to touch, because obviously we’re tactile people,” she said.

Harper wowed audiences with her therapy dog training. Photo: Brianna Morris-Grant

“This is the first time I’ve been involved in this event and it’s great to meet people with their dogs, especially when you’re a dog lover and you’d like to have a lot (of dogs) and you can’t.”

Amateur dog trainer Brian Reichelt follows similar events around the coast with his dogs Zoe and Lulu.

“Having a dog is a great ice breaker, you can talk to anyone about their dog, so without the dog that connection would never happen,” he said.

If you missed out on the fun of Paws and Pizzazz, never fear – the Dog Lovers Show in Brisbane is just a few months away.

Which dog do you think is the cutest? Check out our gallery below!

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