Jackie Marshall at Green Owl Bar

Local artist debuts first album in eight years


Brisbane singer-songwriter Jackie Marshall began her Australia-wide album tour in Brisbane’s Green Owl Bar on Saturday night.

Jackie Marshall at Green Owl Bar
Local singer-songwriter Jackie Marshall performs songs from her new album, Lilith Shrugs, at the Green Owl Bar. Photo: Bodhi Cutler

After nearly a decade-long break from performing, the former Australian Music Prize nominated artist took to the stage in her hometown to preview her new album, Lillith Shrugs.

The show showcased seven songs of the 11-song album.

After a series of personal setbacks over the past eight years, including a messy custody battle, a mastectomy due to breast cancer, and time in mental health facilities, Ms Marshall said she believed the album would be a turning point for her mentally.

“After such a long break, the cathartic release of this album is going to be very important for me,” she said.

“It’s a new chapter in my life, I have new memories to make, a son who will soon be old enough to dance and sing whenever he wants, and this album will be the start of that whole experience.”

Many of the songs featured in the three-hour-long listening party were about key events in her life, including songs about her son Auggie, her ex-husband, and her missing breast.

Ms Marshall, who is no stranger to the big stage, admitted that she got nervous during her performances.

“I don’t usually get nervous, but this is a massive event in my life and the mix of ego and nervousness has made this an incredibly tough night,” she said.

“Writing about your experiences is the most obvious thing an artist can do, and I’ve been through a lot of s**t in my life, so it helps to be able to get it all out in the new album.”

Sam Cutler at Green Owl Bar
Former Rolling Stones tour manager Sam Cutler welcomes guests to Jackie Marshall’s album launch party. Photo: Bodhi Cutler

Ms Marshall was supported by Brisbane-based record label SugarRush, a label dedicated to fostering Australian talent.

SugarRush general manager Debby Suckling, who is also a lifelong friend of Ms Marshall, said the artist’s journey had made for some amazing music.

“It’s incredible to see how Jackie’s life has materialised over the course of this album,” Ms Suckling said.

“Now that we have a product like this, which is so raw and emotional, Jackie is ready to take her story across the country and share her journey with the world.”

A crowd of local musicians, family and friends gathered for the show, which was opened by former Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones tour manager and Blues Hall of Fame inductee Sam Cutler.

Mr Cutler, who has promoted and worked with Ms Marshall for 15 years, said her story was an inspiration to people like him.

“As someone who has worked in the music business for many, many years, you see stories like this very often,” he said.

“But for Jackie, her story and her struggle have become a part of her music like no one else I’ve ever seen, and that’s powerful.”

Jackie Marshall’s Australian tour begins on September 21 in the Basement Discs store in Melbourne.

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