Plastic Free Boy at Eco Expo

Eco Expo returns to promote sustainable living


Environmentalists around Brisbane are getting ready to flock to this year’s Eco Expo for a weekend of sustainable fun.

Plastic Free Boy at Eco Expo
Twelve-year-old Arlian Ecker will be at the Eco Expo talking about how he became Plastic Free Boy and inspiring other children to join his quest. Photo: Eco Expo

The event, which takes place at the Brisbane Showgrounds from Friday 14 September to Sunday 16 September, gives guests a taste of healthy, sustainable and green living.

Event director and Unified Events managing director Kiara Sullivan said in a statement that Eco Expo was all about inspiring individuals to play a part in making a big change.

“This event has been created to include people on all journeys of sustainability, whether they’re just starting to ‘think green’ – or already dedicated to the planet,” Ms Sullivan said.

“The Eco Expo is not about taking drastic measures to save our world, instead it has been created to encourage visitors to start taking small steps towards a healthier, more sustainable future.”

Expo attendees will be spoilt for choice with a range of seminars, markets and hands-on workshops to participate in, as well as a variety of healthy food and drink options.

The Expo focuses on three main sectors of sustainability; home and living, health and food, and family, beauty and lifestyle.

Ms Sullivan said there were options for all levels of interest.

“Whether you’re already living an eco-friendly life or looking for a few ways to make a difference, the Expo offers the perfect place to start or continue your journey.”

Polkadot Tiny Houses CEO Jimmy Hirst will be presenting a seminar at the Eco Expo on the concept of merging small, eco-friendly living with all aspects of Western culture to create connected and sustainable communities for the future.

“Polkadot shares a vision held by so many people over the decades – to help transition the mainstream and shift the Western living paradigm to that of more sustainable living communities so that the planet can be enjoyed for generations to come,” Mr Hirst said.

“We feel this can be done by pivoting eco villages and merging them with festivals – think of it like a Woodford Festival, or Bluesfest, turn it intentionally sustainable, put it on the road, and everyone travels to them in Tiny Houses On Wheels.”

Mr Hirst said he wanted attendees at the Eco Expo to understand the benefits of this type of living when it came to their savings.

“We would like people to start thinking ‘we can do this’,” he said.

“We want to make it clear that being kinder to the environment actually can save you lots of money, once you know how.”

The Tiny House
Polkadot Tiny Houses CEO Jimmy Hirst will be at Eco Expo to share his passion for changing the lifestyles of Australians to focus on small living. Photo: Jimmy Hirst

For those less interested in the sit-and-listen style exhibitions, guests can browse stalls selling eco products ranging from skin care products and DIY facemasks, to re-useable cling wrap and wooden drink bottles.

Ms Sullivan said in a statement that the Eco Expo was an event for the whole family, with a special program for kids that aimed to inspire the next generation of eco-warriors.

“We will have interactive kids’ activities running daily, including special workshops by Scouts Queensland, as well as The Recycleman, who will teach kids the importance of recycling in a fun and engaging way,” she said.

“We will also have special presentations by young and extremely passionate environmentalists, including 15-year-old social entrepreneur Holley Somerville Knott [who is] well-known for her fight against palm-oil production, and Arlian Ecker, the Plastic Free Boy, who is on a mission to save our world against mounting plastic waste.”

Tickets for Eco Expo can be purchased online at and cost $22 for a day pass or $39 for a three-day pass.

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