Jetstar to boost tourism with direct flights to Uluru


An additional 28,000 travellers are expected to visit the Northern Territory each year in the wake of Jetstar Airways’ inaugural direct flight from Brisbane to Uluru on August 3.

Ray Stone (left) with Lauren Moss and Alan McIntyre celebrate Jetstar’s first commercial flight direct from Brisbane to Uluru
Ray Stone (left) with Lauren Moss and Alan McIntyre celebrate Jetstar’s first commercial flight direct from Brisbane to Uluru. Photo: Danica Streader.

The new service will fly directly from Brisbane to Ayers Rock Airport three times per week in a bid to provide a more cost-effective route to Australia’s most well-known rock.

Northern Territory Minister for Culture and Tourism, Lauren Moss, said the success of the new service was a result of the state government’s $103m Turbocharging Tourism initiative.

“Uluru is an exceptionally significant place for local people, but it is globally recognised as the spiritual heart of Australia,” Ms Moss said.

“In the years ending 2015 and 2017, Uluru attracted 65 per cent majority of holidaymakers in the Northern Territory, which reflects its overall position here as a drawcard for visitors from overseas,” she said.

“We will continue to work exceptionally close with our airline partners to make sure we strengthen the viability of our existing routes and increasing demand to make sure we can establish new routes.”

Jetstar’s flights from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney will take up to 257,000 passengers to Uluru each year. Photo: Danica Streader.

Passengers can save up to six hours of flight time by travelling direct from Brisbane rather than diverting to Sydney, Cairns or Melbourne.

Jetstar Group Executive Manager Alan McIntyre said the new flights would encourage more tourism to the region.   

“We are excited to be the first and only airline to offer the service between Brisbane and one of Australia’s most iconic destinations,” Mr McIntyre said.

“Tourism in the Northern Territory is booming, particularly from Queensland where travellers from the Sunshine State grew by almost 20 per cent last year,” he said.

“Brisbane and the whole of Queensland will now benefit from this service as we have a lot of internationally travellers who can connect straight to Uluru.”

The inaugural Jetstar flight from Brisbane at Ayers Rock Airport
The inaugural Jetstar Airbus A320 flight from Brisbane arrives at Ayers Rock Airport. Photo: Danica Streader.

Voyages Executive General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Distribution, Ray Stone, said visitors travelling to Uluru were becoming more involved and interested in Australian culture.

“We have seen an opportunity for some time now with a significant number of visitors coming from greater Brisbane and the growth of Brisbane airport internationally,” Mr Stone said.

“Low airfares that come in to help attract people is important to us as we are seeing a greater interest in Australian culture and Australians understanding some of the key origins of the first people.”

Jetstar return flights from Brisbane to Uluru will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

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