Gold Coast identical triplets in netball first


The Electrics are excited about their Fiji trip. Photo by Amanda Cosgrove

Local under thirteen netball team the Gold Coast Electrics have been invited to compete in the International Netball Festival in Fiji starting December 1st.

The team which comprises identical triplets Anna, Zara and Isabelle Stevenson who can often cause confusion with opposition teams and coaches on the court are excited by this chance.

The Electrics coach Zoe gives the girls some halftime instructions. Photo By Michael Harris

Coached by their Aunt, Zoe Cosgrove who at 16 has toured overseas with the Australian under 18 junior squad. The whole team is now engaged in fundraising activities in order to raise the money needed to compete.

While having a coach who already has representative experience coaching them who is also a relative would definitely be an advantage the girls say they don’t get an easy ride.

“We can be pushed a bit harder than the other girls in the team for example if we misbehave we get made to do laps of the court, other girls get 5 while we are made to do 10” Anna Said.

Anna, Zara and Isabelle with mum Amanda. Photo by Michael Harris

Mum Amanda Cosgrove is extremely proud of her girls but the cost of sending three daughters to Fiji isn’t cheap. This has led to the creation of a go fund me page where people can donate to help send the whole team.

“Everyone involved in the team is really excited by this opportunity so every little bit helps” Amanda said.

Anyone wants to donate to the Electrics can do so at,

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