The Saints marched in and saved the day



The Carrara Saints AFL team has come to the rescue of Carrara local man  forced to sell his family home to pay for cancer treatment.


The Saints proved true to their name last Sunday when the team’s tradies rallied to make some finishing touches to Peter McNeight’s family home before it went on the market.


This is the third diagnosis of cancer for Mr McNeight who has already had to sell his courier business and an investment property to pay for previous treatments.


This time round, Mr McNeight and his wife Sandra, have been forced to sell their home of 17 years to fund further treatment.


“We’ve always been carers, we’ve never been takers,” Mrs McNeight said.


“It’s nice that karma has come back around though,  it’s overwhelming actually,” she said

The McNeight’s Home all ready for auction! Photo: Corey Robb-Gwynne

Carrara Saints AFL player and Real Estate Agent, Corey Robb-Gwynne, coordinated the renovation rescue.

“Their situation really struck a chord with me. Peter had started heaps of jobs and with his heath failing he couldn’t finish them,” Mr Robb-Gwynne said.


“So I organised the footy club to rally around and get a crew together,” he said.


Aware the Carrara AFL club was supported by a lot of tradespeople, Mr Robb-Gwynne expected four or five extra sets of hands to turn up and lend a hand.  He was ecstatic when half the team showed up unannounced.


Club leader and local plasterer, Rhys Nossiter, was proud of their contribution as a club.


“It was a great day for us, we were all working together for a great cause, we really came together as a team,” Mr Nossiter said.


The property is now live at


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