Pacific Fair paves the way to inclusion


Pac Fair
Owners of recently revamped Pacific Fair Shopping Centre are making sure the whole community can enjoy their shopping experience. Photo: Creative Commons


The owners of Pacific Fair, AMP Capital, had a vision of inclusion as part of the enormous $670 million dollar refurbishment with an adult change facility soon to open in the Gold Coast mall.

The newly revamped Broadbeach shopping precinct offers complementary wheelchairs, motorized scooters and prams to assist individuals in the community who may need some extra support when visiting.

Carers Queensland team leader, Max Vardanega, said ‘big players’ like AMP are paving the way for other businesses in the region to include facilities like adult changing rooms, with the ultimate goal of providing a welcoming space for everyone.

“Inclusion is a multi-layered thing. At the highest level it’s the Governments laying out plans like the NDIS and at the lowest level it’s people like us in the community,” Mr Vardanega said.

“In the middle there are businesses, service providers and shopping centres even, who are all trying to work out whether it’s worth their while to be involved in the inclusive process.

“Some are fully committed and others are uncertain but if we keep banging on the door, it will eventually open.”

Speaking on behalf of the Gold Coast Inclusive Communities Expo during Disability Action Week, Mr Vardanega, said that the decision by the owners of Pacific Fair to include adult change facilities is a step in the right direction.

“Inclusion goes beyond disability, we have to think of inclusion in a broader sense,” he said.

“The room will allow easy access to toilets, showers and changing facilities to meet a variety of needs for individuals. It will assist people with incontinence and individuals with physical impairments and their family members.

“All of this is a sign that we’re moving.”

*Pacific Fair representatives were contacted for comment but did not respond.


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