Marriage equality doorknock draws a crowd

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The marriage equality debate is still in full force, with hundreds of thousands Yes voters taking to the streets over the weekend to secure more support.

Australians took up door knocking across the country, in the hopes of gaining some last-minute votes.

In Brisbane 10,000 people turned out to campaign, with the recruitment drive coinciding with the city’s annual Pride Festival.

On the Gold Coast the Labor Party organised doorknocking events around the Pacific Pines and Labrador areas for both Saturday and Sunday.

Director of the Equality Campaign Tiernan Brady said support for marriage equality has more than doubled in the last 15 years, from 30 percent to 65 percent.

He’s hoping the doorknock will help to remind Australians to send off their forms before the due date.

“There are 16 million people with a vote, and we have a duty to use every mechanism in our power, to talk to every one of them about why marriage equality matters, about why it’s so important you post your vote, and why marriage will take nothing from anybody but will make Australia a fairer place for all,” Mr Brady said.

Meanwhile tomorrow marks a milestone for the national survey, with forms expected to arrive at every Australian home by Monday September 25.

Anyone who hasn’t yet received a form is being asked to request a replacement from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) before October 20.

The survey closes on November 7, and a result will be posted on the ABS website on November 15.

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