Goldie girl moves closer to Gold


Skye Nicolson has relocated to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra this week to complete her training in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games next year.


Nicholson, 21, is now be training full-time at the Australian Institute of Sport’s Combat Centre as part of Boxing Australia’s Centre of Excellence (COE) program.

“I’m loving training in Canberra at the AIS. The facilities and Services are amazing. I am living the athletes dream.”

Skye has at least 3 different training sessions a day now, but she still finds time to study part time.

“A normal day for me at the moment is a conditioning training session at 7 am, a strength and conditioning session at11 am, and then every afternoon at 4pm is a boxing specific session!”
Skye Nicholson training hard for the Games Photo supplied by Skye Nicholson
“I eat and rest in between sessions and spend my evenings studying because I am still studying part time in my Bachelor of Midwifery Course at Griffith University,” Nicholson said.

The 2018 Games are fast approaching and Nicholson, is extremely confident and looks forward to securing her place on the Australian team later this year.


“When you want something bad enough, you’ll stop at nothing to make it happen. That is how I feel about winning Gold at the Commonwealth Games,” Ms Nicholson said.

Skye and her new training team at the AIS Photo supplied by Skye Nicholson

Nicholson raves about her incredible support network, though the journey is made more exciting with her boxing boyfriend right by her side.


“It’s amazing having a partner who is going through the same struggles and understands the sacrifice and commitment that comes with being an elite athlete,” Ms Nicholson said.

Skye’s ready to qualify for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Photo supplied by Skye Nicholson

Wayne Tolton, Nicholson’s coach on the Gold Coast, said she’s ready to take on the world.

“Her potential is unlimited, she can do anything,” Mr Tolton said.

Check out Skye’s 2018 Commonwealth Games Athlete Profile below:

and keep up to date with Skye’s training at the AIS through her boxing facebook page!

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