Glow festival vastly unprepared for huge crowds


An estimated 20,000 people attended the Gold Coast GLOW festival this year, causing extensive over-crowding of the area.

The fourth iteration of the festival was deemed vastly under-prepared with many visitors parking in unsanctioned areas.

Olivia Paige, a Brisbane resident visiting the Gold Coast, said the event was quite chaotic.

“It was really crowded…and there were huge lines for the waters and food stalls,” she said.

“Most people were just parking wherever they felt like. It felt very disorganised.”

The large turnout is rumoured to be a result of the Gold Coast’s growing population and increased infrastructure.

Despite the recent tram construction, it does not pass by the Gold Coast Arts Centre, which is where the Glow Festival was held.

In 2016, Gold Coast’s population increased by 2.17%, the highest growth since 2012.

With the 2018 Commonwealth Games fast approaching, that number is expected to surge rapidly.

A council spokesman stated that the event was a “victim of its own success” and that next year’s event will need more extensive planning.

The council told The Gold Coast Bulletin that next year’s festival is planned to be spread across two days.



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