A Magical Evening With Diner en Blanc


A sea of white swept over Main Beach this weekend as the world famous Diner en Blanc made its Australian debut on the Gold Coast.

Locals who were privileged enough to attended were treated to a night of high fashion, food, and mystery.

The concept behind Diner en Blanc was first conceived in France nearly 30 years ago, where a group of people dressed in white come together for a “chic picnic” in a secret location that’s only revealed to the public at the last minute.

Guests are told to gather in a pre-determined location, before being transported to the mystery picnic area where the evening’s festivities take place.

Diner en Blanc has gained world-wide popularity, not only for the strict white dress code, but also for how exclusive the evening is.

Gold Coast local Sam Hollis, who was lucky enough to secure a ticket to the illustrious event, believed that there was definitely something magical about the picnic.

“Admittedly I was a little bit sceptical about the whole thing when I purchased my ticket. It seemed like it would be a bit of a waste of money for the effort that’s involved, but once you arrive on location, you see why it has such a big reputation” he said.

Sam and Seph Diner en Blanc
Sam Hollis and Persephone Hitzke-Dean who attended the event. Photo: Jacob Irvine

Brisbane local, Persephone Hitzke-Dean drove down to the coast for the exclusive event and explained that the event wasn’t just about the dinner.

“Because the event is so new to Australia, most of us didn’t realize that the best part about the evening was after the dinner finished. We all had to light sparklers in the night sky, which was symbolic for the dancing part of the evening” Miss Hitzke-Dean said.

Once the event finished, guests cleaned up the area, as if they had never been there. Leaving just the memories that they shared with their fellow guests. Mr Hollis, loved the overall concept and finished off by saying that he would attend the event again.

“It really was a magical evening, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who manages to get a ticket,” Mr Hollis finished.

Diner en Blanc is set to return to Australian shores next year, although they haven’t confirmed where it will be located.

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