Wooden Spoon Awards, vote for worst Queensland clubs


Source: United Voice

In the spirit of the footy season, a website has been established where workers can vote on the “Worst Club in Queensland”.

www.fairpayclubs.com/woodenspoon/ is in week 2 of Semi Finals, where Queensland clubs are being assessed by the public regarding decisions on cutting penalty rates and treatment of workers.

Prominent trade union, United Voice launched the website as part of their broader “Protect Penalty Rates” campaign, a retaliation to the Fair Work Commission’s February ruling to cut weekend penalty rates.

United Voice Senior Organiser, James Butcher said the clubs haven’t enjoyed being put to the polls.

“Well I can tell you they don’t like it – they don’t like the fact that they’re getting extra scrutiny on their dealings,” Mr Butcher said.

“These are clubs that say they are community based organisations.”

“The community has a right to know whether they’re planning on keeping weekend pay, or whether they’re planning on giving these workers the biggest pay cut since the great depression.”

Mr Butcher also said that as well as refusing to protect weekend penalty rates, clubs have engaged in other “dodgy” practices.

Amy*, who works two hospitality based jobs in Brisbane, said the decision to cut weekend penalty rates would be detrimental to her family.

“You give up your weekends and I give up time with my husband – we’re going through IVF to try and start a family – so that we can earn a few extra dollars,” Amy said.

“It’s a really scary thought,”

Earlier this year, Clubs Australia took legal action against United Voice for their penalty rates campaign, alleging breaches of the Liquor and Fair Work acts.


* Name has been changed to protect identity.

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